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You’re losing A LOT of money not having an online course.  That’s stops today!!!  Scroll below to get wow’ed by our approach. Talk soon.

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Course Overview
Leverage Your Intellectual Property

Build A Wildly Successful Online Course Today

Clocking in to get paid is NOT the way to maximize your worth. You’ve done it before (or might be currently getting paid by the hour) and you know how unstable that business model can be. Starting generating LEVERAGED income and create the freedom you desire.

Do you have a wealth of knowledge you’re ready to get paid for, but don’t know where to start? You see other people making money from their online courses, so you know it works…you just need to make it work for you. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you every step of the way.

There are a lot of platforms to create your course on, but you’re not quite sure whats the best for your particular topic. The reality is, all the platforms work well. Its a matter of preference and ease of use for your specific audience. We have our top recommendation but its not for the reason you might be thinking. Our goal is ROI and we’ll help you get there with the right online tool.

The online learning marketplace is booming and everyone is looking to learn online. Your expertise is needed, which is why the opportunity is wide open for new course creators. We will teach you how to position your course as a “must-have” and show you how to plan your content so it attracts your ideal clients and get them coming to you.

You Deserve To Get Paid For Your Advice

With our help, we can turn your dream into a reality.  It’s time you made a boat load of money from the expertise you’ve worked hard to acquire.

Common Course Platforms

We Like To Keep It Simple

Here's How It Works

Step 1:

Inventory & Organize Your Expertise

Taking inventory of your experiences will highlight hidden treasures that will serve as a major piece to building your course as well as the promotional content around it.

Step 2:

Build Course In Online Platform

Once your course structure is organized, its time to add material to your platform. The course platform will also be marketing and automation tool to make your life easier 🙂

Step 3:

Teach & Make Money Online

Now that your course is built, your job is to do what you do best, share your knowledge. Whether it’s a Facebook Live or Zoom, you have a product to send people to…and make money with.

"Rob is one of the reasons my business has soared since day one! He has a gift to connect with people and present ideas that are simple yet effective."
Justin S.
Peak Performance Coach
Bold Course Logic™ Methodology

The Process That Gets You Paid

Identifying “win-streaks” will colorfully illustrate your expertise and cement your authority on the BIG problem you’re able to solve. As you reflect on your past experiences, you’ll be taking inventory on the undeniable specifics…which also contribute to your differentiation.

“From-What” mapping creates the meat of your course that will quickly provide game changing breakthroughs your clients will salivate over, when working with you. When creating your maps, you’re developing the story journey to illustrate how you can take a client FROM WHAT they were struggling with to the promised land of their desire.

Instructional design provides the curriculum structure and logic for the course while applying copywriting best practices to create stunning lesson titles that grip the hearts and minds of your potential customers. This is where you organize and optimize your course deliverable so that it is user friendly in the student experience, but also in the titles and subtitles.

Story segmenting breathes life into your course while frontloading the content calendar with mouthwatering stories to tempt your prospects on social media. An integral piece of the bigger picture is planning your promotional content so it attracts your ideal clients. In this section, you will create content that aligns directly with your course material, while sexifying it to be extremely attractive to your prospects.

Tech integration, pricing, & PR plan is designed to make sure everything is working properly so that your customers can pay you while you sleep and take your course while you’re eating breakfast with your family…in other words, making sure your money making machine works perfectly without you.

Splash page documentation, for lack of a better term, is your sales page.  But this sales page isn’t the typical internet marketing scroll down for 39 minutes reading about a “guru” buying his first Lambo and sipping pina colada at the Hollywood hills.  This sales page is more impactful, meaningful, and dare I say…may make your significant other cry 😉

Spike traffic rules will teach you how to get customers really quick.  Seriously…like really really quick. If you’re hurting financially because of Rona and need an immediate injection of cash, THIS is the lesson you’ll want to master!!!

Sustainable sales path will lay out the foundation for ongoing client acquisition so that you can confidently make sales without worrying about paying for advertising or posting like a maniac in FB groups.

With our help, we can turn your dream into a reality.  It’s time you made a boat load of money from the expertise you’ve worked hard to acquire.


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